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How to Write an MBA Essay For Successful Admission

Are you looking forward to applying for an MBA program? There is no doubt that, like the admission process for other graduate school programs, writing mba essay is a basic requirement. While the whole process is highly competitive, you must ensure you become extra creative while writing the essay to ensure your paper stands out from the rest and that you get admission as you struggle toward achieving your career goals and objectives. For this reason, this article features the best approaches to use when writing MBA essays.

Different types of MBA essays

As an MBA essay writer, you must, first of all, distinguish the different questions when writing such an essay. A business school application essay may be in the form of:

  • Leadership essay

The business school admission committee looks for leadership qualities as one of the requirements to join their institute. When writing such an essay, ensure you outline instances you have played leadership roles effectively.

  • Why MBA and Why Now Essay

Such an essay question requires you to outline the link between your past events and your future anticipations and the role of an MBA in achieving your target. So, ensure the reader understands the reasons why you are pursuing MBA in such a question.

  • Community contribution

This essay simply needs you to highlight your background and the values you can add to the community after pursuing your MBA.

  • Video Essay

Here, you need to demonstrate your confidence, language, and critical thinking skills. Should you have the chance, ensure you give the very best first impression on the admission committee.

  • Why this Business School?

In such an essay, explain why you have selected a given business school and how the school will enable you to achieve your career goals. Above all, the admission committee wants to evaluate whether you have adequate knowledge about the school or not. So, be sure to do enough research about the school to give relevant facts.

  • Open-ended essay - Value-based/personality

An open-ended essay aims at evaluating your personality and values, such as your commitments, life values, and personal traits. Be sure to provide different instances as a way to support your claims.

How to write MBA application essay: MBA essay tips

Now that you can distinguish types of MBA essays let’s explore how to write an MBA essay and the best tips you can apply to win an admission chance to your dream school.

1. Know the best MBA essay format

Well, there is no specific format for an MBA essay. However, students should take the appropriate advice for formatting such a paper. For instance, using an MLA style, avoiding irrelevant spaces between paragraphs, and one margin on all sides of the paper. This will show the admission team that you have adequate knowledge of what you are doing.

2. Maintain the required word count

While you may have many interesting ideas to include in your MBA paper, try and cut the stories to keep the required length for your paper. The goal is to stay within the word limit, i.e., not too long or too short. The admission committee looks for this requirement too, and you don’t want to miss a chance as a result of ignoring the word count.

3. Create an outline

Like other essays, do not forget to create an outline first as part of the preparation step. An outline will guide you on what you need to include in your paper, ensuring you don’t forget significant requirements. Besides, an outline saves you more time when writing the final draft.

4. Always review your essay before submission

Once you have done writing your paper, do not submit it without proofreading. At times, you can miss some typos and even grammar errors. It could be a bad idea to fail your MBA as a result of grammar mistakes and simple typos you could have corrected when proofreading.


An MBA essay is an important requirement during the application process. Ensure you put the above consideration in mind when writing such a paper for a successful application.

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