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30 Best Existentialism Essay Topics to Write About

Essay writing is among the technical academic tasks students have to accomplish throughout the studying period. While essays vary depending on the type and purpose, students have to maintain a clear structure and format and use appropriate language when writing the essay.

One of the crucial determinants of how easy an essay can be is the topic. It can be hard to select a topic for your paper since you will find many ideas that are all interesting, depending on your course. This piece features some of the best existentialism essay topics a student can choose from but before then, let's highlight some of the ways to get satisfying topics to write about.

Essay on existentialism: existentialism questions

Before settling on existential ideas for writing your essay, ensure you establish a clear understanding of what you need to bring out such a paper. The following questions will shed some light on essays in existentialism before we highlight some of the best topics.

What themes represent an existentialism essay?

When tasked with such an essay, ensure your theme revolves around hypocrisy in moral consciousness, self-deception, mendacity, anxiety, absurdity, and nothingness.

What are the features of essay on existentialism?

An essay on existentialism on human responsibility and freedom elements. Simply put, a man becomes what he chooses to be based on the choices a man makes.

What is the purpose of existentialism?

According to existentialism, our lives have no purpose. However, it is all about the purpose we as human beings create that gives out lives meaning. While this purpose is only existing in our minds, the universe doesn't bother with what a person does.

What is the significance of existentialism in education?

In life, we have individuals who live an existential life. Therefore, existentialism's education purpose is to assist those living such kind of life to achieve self-realization, be able to face tough encounters, and develop authenticity and social adjustment. 

30 Best Philosophical essay topics

Should you encounter such an essay, it can be hard to determine the starting point, especially since you want to bring out an incredible paper. The next question is, what topic should I consider? We have simplified a list of great topics below.

Existentialism essay topics

  1. Phenomenology and existentialism in the continental philosophy
  2. Existentialism in the 20th century
  3. Describe the Atheist existentialism theory
  4. Describe the growth of existentialism in the world
  5. Describe the existentialism theme in the Shawshank Redemption
  6. An analysis of existentialism French movement in the 20th century
  7. Describe Human Emotions and Existentialism according to Jean-Paul Sartre

Philosophical topics to write about

  1. Human Rights: describe their significance
  2. Distinguish between Phonology and Morphology
  3. Why are some people more irrational than others?
  4. What is the role of intuition in creativity?
  5. Why persistence and belief are significant in the success of a person
  6. What is war in human culture?
  7. Why differentiating appearance from reality is significant
  8. How does language affect human beings?

Philosophy essay topics

  1. Do you think philosophers should have a say in the development of future technology?
  2. Does the level of education define morality in an individual?
  3. Is religion significant in the present world?
  4. Do you think happiness can be measured scientifically?
  5. Describe how other philosophers influenced Plato's ideas
  6. Describe Protagora's philosophy in relation to argument, language, and ethics.
  7. Explain the concept of logos in different philosophies

The stranger essay topics

  1. Describe how Albert Camus disclose nonconformity in The Stranger
  2. Compare the man and the systems in George Orwell's 'Animal Farm and Albert Camus' 'The Stranger
  3. Compare the reaction of protagonists towards death in The Shawl' by Cynthia Ozick and The Stranger by Albert Camus
  4. Explain the absurd genre as used in The Stranger by Albert Camus
  5. Describe death in The Stranger novel by Albert Camus
  6. What are the similarities and differences between Ivan from 'The Death of Ivan Ilyich' by Leo Tolstoy and The Stranger by Albert Camus novels?
  7. How does Albert Camus reveal the theme of feminism lens in The Stranger novel?
  8. Distinguish the relationship between the dog and Salamano and Meursault and the mother: What is love like between the two comparisons?


Writing an essay does serve not only academic purposes but also a way of educating people on different aspects of life as a whole. The topic a student chooses for their essay task determines the direction and significance of the paper.

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