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Opportunities revealed as challenges test our assumption that we understand what the Bible is all about

Christmas offers moments of diverse and enriching thought for many Christians. 

The lush and sternly Catholic setting of Mexico provides an appropriate background for foreign religious explorers who are considering new historical findings that increasingly disturb the Catholic Church.    

Questions such as “What Did Jesus Mean?” and as a consequence, “What Did The Gospels Mean?” quickly spring to mind.

Jesus, the Nazarine, is often described as gentle and fierce, kind and rude, human and divine.  These often newly examined Nazarine puzzles trouble some Catholics, certainly folks at the Vatican.  Much of the more complex re-examinations of the early foundations of Christianity deal with realities that have been buried by simple if severe inattention.  More and more of that history seems simply obvious, if simply ignored, “hidden by inattention,” as one devout Catholic has noted.

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