Last updateFri, 09 May 2014 2pm

Wi-fi security: Don’t trust a simple password

In the 1997 movie “Conspiracy Theory” Mel Gibson plays the role of a paranoid genius who sees evil schemes everywhere and believes the CIA, KGB and other three-letter agencies are all out to get him.

The central character in the movie accurately mirrored one of my real-life clients in East Texas, right down to the padlock on his refrigerator.  My client’s workshop was a hovel littered with half-finished inventions and piles of junk materials; all booby-trapped to thwart would-be intruders.  One day he asked me how to best safeguard his computer floppy disks containing the secrets of his inventions, so I pointed to his fireproof safe.  “No” he said.  “Someone could break in bringing 2,000 feet of copper wire to wind around the safe turning it into a magnet to erase the disks inside.”

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