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New Microsoft upgrade icon is legit, if a little underhanded

Last week my phone started ringing off the wall.  Actually, it would be more accurate to say my phone was vibrating off my belt, but people generally are more comfortable using the old expression.

My point here is that once people become comfortable with something, be it a telephone bolted to the wall or the operating system on their computer, changing it causes friction, and this is something Microsoft should have considered before causing my phone to start ringing as it did.

What prompted several of my clients to call me was a product announcement Microsoft sneaked into the computers of people using Windows 7 through 8.1.  These clients noticed a new Windows icon in their system trays that opened a dialog that introduces Windows 10 and determines if they are eligible for a free upgrade.  This needlessly threw a number of people into panic because they were rightly alarmed that the announcement could have been some kind of trick or malware.  I can assure everyone this announcement is legitimate even though Microsoft’s method is a little underhanded and really annoying.

Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 on July 29.  This newest version of the world’s most popular Operating System looks to finally fix most of the screw-ups of Windows 8, and for that reason it is going to be a must-have upgrade for most users.  Microsoft obviously believes this is true because it is offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade to qualifying owners of versions 7 and 8.  Kudos to Microsoft for doing this.

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