Last updateFri, 29 Apr 2016 3pm

More than meets the eye to getting perfect Wi-fi coverage

Someone recently referred me to an article appearing in the New York Times titled “If Your Wi-Fi is Terrible Check Your Router.” 

The article was about what I would expect from the New York Times ... most of the facts were technically correct while being couched in a way that could be very misleading.  I use the word misleading in the same way I would if an automotive review were written in a way to tempt readers into believing that a car’s new stereo sound system could significantly improve its gas mileage.

The improvements in new wireless routers are indeed as described in the article, however; it is wrong to draw the conclusion that simply buying a new router will automatically give you perfect Wi-Fi coverage everywhere you want it.  So what is the answer to better Wi-Fi?  For the answer to that all we need to do is look more closely at one of the specifics the New York Times got absolutely right, even though the writer failed to emphasize the importance of that point.

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