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Los Volcancillos: Dramatic view & philosophy beneath the trees

“It’s time for another visit to the Highland Hermit,” announced my friend Mario Guerrero. “We’ll camp near his cabin and visit one of Jalisco’s most dramatic miradores (lookouts).”

As I reported in an earlier article, Alfredo Leal – who has been living on his own in the Sierra de Tapalpa for over three decades – looked in poor health on my last visit two and a half years ago. Since then, we were able to locate Alfredo’s daughter, who is now living in the United States and their subsequent reunion has apparently given the old-timer a new will to live.

Now we had come to tell the hermit that his daughter would like to build him a new cabin.

“That’s un idea muy buena,” said Alfredo with a wide smile. “When I have guests like you, they can stay in it instead of tents.”

“No, no,” we cried, “That cabin will be for you – the old one is falling to pieces.”

“I like it just the way it is,” he replied. “Sin embargo, it will be nice to have a guest house.”


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