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Cooling, refreshing fruit-infused water

Maybe it’s just my age or my mood, but it seems like there’s a new fad every week and each one seems less likely than the one before it … well until there started to be this new wave of talk about water. No question, water’s been around a while, but it’s not been the same here, not like it was in Iowa where if you let it “run a little” it was cold enough to make my teeth hurt and it tasted so good. Water’s just not the same when it doesn’t run icy cold from the faucet. 

This also isn’t the fancy Dutch or Roman or Flemish brands of water with pictures of windmills or old leather sandals or painters in berets on the bottle. And we’re not talking about the store-bought flavored and vitamin enriched brightly artificially colored water.

This summer, fruit-flavored water which is also called fruit-infused water or detox water is all the rage. Frankly anything that makes it easy for me to drink lots of water without sugar, caffeine or chemicals is a good thing; water flavored with real fruit and herbs is a very good thing. 

What could be more simple that submerging any combination of fruit, vegetables and herbs in cold water. Water infused with soft fruits like strawberries, watermelon or citrus will be flavorful in an hour or less. Harder fruits, including apples and cucumbers or spices like cinnamon stick need to steep longer, for up to 12 hours. Infused water has the benefit of being full of flavor, a goodly portion of the vitamins and healthy benefits of the fruit, but no calories. Here a a few of my favoritie combinations.

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