Last updateFri, 29 Apr 2016 3pm

Feria del Maestros deserves our support

It is Feria del Maestros weekend in Chapala. Although droves of excited foreigners are flying into central Mexico to view the wonders produced by the country´s top artisans, far too many resident expats ignore this exciting opportunity on their doorstep. 

Lakesiders who skip the Feria – it boasts more than 70 superb displays – as well as the area´s civic parades, religious processions, traditional celebrations and  local sights aren´t unique. They fit into the same behavioral mold as New Yorkers who never visit the Empire State Building and classmates who stay in their recliners while old friends and fellow graduates have traveled thousands of miles to reminisce at the reunion across town. 

Perhaps assuming that local happenings have less glitter and excitement than attractions and events in distant locales fits into the same thought pattern that makes grass appear greener in the neighbor´s yard. 

If some of you will join me in a pledge to return to seeing local cultural events in person, instead of on Facebook pages, we can start with the 14th Annual Feria del Maestros at the Chapala Yacht Club from Friday, November 13 through Sunday, November 15. 

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