Last updateTue, 22 Sep 2015 10pm
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Pothole problem to big to fix

As you negotiate the streets of the metro area in your jalopy you may wonder whether local municipal governments have any real interest in tackling the pothole epidemic.


Outgoing Guadalajara Mayor Ramiro Hernandez is leaving office with a parting message for those who reckon he hasn’t done enough to tackle the massive problem.

In three years, city workers have fixed 800,000 baches (potholes), Hernandez said this week, noting that 160 kilometers of streets and avenues had been repaved during his administration.

Hernandez admitted that despite his best efforts, eradication of the problem is financially inviable.   Poor drainage means that many streets need a complete overhaul of their surfaces and that filling potholes is simply a band-aid that lasts until the next rainy season.

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