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North Banderas Beat - March 19, 2016

The Philo Legacy

The Northshore was shocked by the sudden death of Philo Hayward due to heart failure in the summer of 2015. 

Sixteen years ago, on his way sailing around the world, Hayward, a retired studio musician from California, put down his anchor in La Cruz, and not long after opened Philo’s Bar.

Hayward soon became a local celebrity, thanks to his outgoing personality and a desire to help his adopted community.

His bar and restaurant quickly became a popular destination for great music and a place to make friends. Meanehile, he became involved in community service projects, helping the community and sailors in the bay.

His partner, Maria and other close friends, have been working hard this season to carry on Philo’s legacy at Philo’s Bar.  She has continued to bring in outstanding entertainment and sponsor fundraising events for schools, medical clinics and food banks in La Cruz.

The Latin fusion band Luna Rumba has sold out every performance this season. They have agreed to perform two more shows on April 6 and 20. 

Other big news at Philo’s includes the return of good friend Oscar Fuentes on Thursday, March 31; Friday, April 1; and Saturday, April 2.              

Next month, Philo’s Bar will pay a special tribute to Hayward, by spreading his ashes to the sea.  Updates about this remembrance will be posted on Philo’s website.

Find more information about the weekly schedule of entertainment at philosbar.com.

Seniors & Sustainability

The Abuelos de Bucerias is the “official” name of the senior citizen (tercera edad) center in Bucerias.

The property, located on a large beautiful lot, was given to the group by the Ejido de Bucerias and actually belongs to the association itself, not the government.

For years, a group of “abuelitos” (grandparents) has met every Monday afternoon in the covered pavilion there. 

They meet for social activities, such as playing dominoes, cards and needlework, to hear news that may affect them, have meals and occasionally attend a birthday party provided by DIF, the municipal social service agency.

Recently, two members of the group, David Cordova and Susan Usry, along with current association president Cirino, had the idea to use some vacant land at the center for practical – and sustainabilty – purposes.

They realized that they had many fruit trees – mango, papaya, yaka and limon among them – that could produce enough yields to sell.

The group is now growing vegetables and house plants and making mulch and fertilizer.   Some of the food is given to association members in need and some will be sold to make the projects self-sustaining.

Usry and Cordova became even more involved when a surprise donation was given to the group.

“Don Cirino called David in a panic. Someone donated several hundred baby chicks to him. He didn’t know where to begin,” Usry said.  “Luckily, David has a degree in agriculture and plenty of experience. He and I have taken this project under our wings. We are here several times a day feeding the chickens, giving them water and cleaning their coop and dishes. 

“In April, we will have about 200 egg-producers and lots of eggs for sale. David estimates each hen will lay an egg a day. These are natural, organic eggs and we will be selling them for about 45 pesos a dozen.” 

Eggs which aren’t sold to individuals, restaurants or hotels will be sold at a discounted price to association members and given away free to those in need. 

The three “farmers” can often be found working alongside other “abuelitos” weekdays at the center, at Calle Canal 18, a right turn at the end of Encino.

Interested people (over age 60) are welcome to join the group, which has meetings only in Spanish. All are welcome to help with the chickens or gardening.

If you’d like to buy fresh eggs, house plants, fruits/vegetables, fertilizer or mulch, call  Cordova at 322-175-8568 (Spanish), Cirinio at 322-171-7711 (Spanish) or Usry at 322-148-0503 (bilingual) or email Usry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Pet Picnic

The Paws ‘n Claws committee of Amigos de Bucerias held their annual pet picnic on February 28 at the Abuelos Senior Center in Bucerias.

According to Kim Cable, one of the organizers, about 50 people and 20 dogs came out to enjoy the sunny afternoon. 

Money raised is earmarked for spay/neuter surgeries for pets whose owners are not able to afford them.

Pets and their owners participated in contests ranging from pet/owner look-alike to best dressed, sweetheart and good citizen (best behaved). 

“It is fun to have a thing to do with my pets. And it helps a good idea of getting pets sterilized,” said participant Diana Huerta.  “I bring my dogs every time because we all like it.” 

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Homestay Search

Human Connections, a non-profit business development organization located in Bucerias, offers tourists the opportunity to interact with business clients, such as local artisans, tradespeople and food vendors.

During the summer months, Human Connections offers six- and eight-week internship programs to U.S. and Canadian college students designed to increase their social awareness, according to Elly Rohrer, the organization’s executive director.

“Our internship program typically hosts 12 to 14 students,” says Esly Sarmiento, Human Connections’ director of tours. “Not all of them, however, request a homestay arrangement, so we need about ten families willing to allow an intern to stay in their house during their time here.” 

Human Connections offers compensation of 2,000 pesos each month for the space provided to the student. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in offering a room for an international university student, contact Sarmiento at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 322-157-0805.

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