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A visit to Oconahua’s huge Palace of Ocomo: Sabius excursionists explore Jalisco’s ‘most rewarding highway’ –

Sabius is an organization founded by students of the Tec de Monterrey university for the purpose of helping senior citizens share their knowledge and experience with the younger generation. Along with courses in auto mechanics, cooking and English conversation, Sabius recently added hikes and excursions to their curriculum.

I I have been leading these events, the most recent of which was a visit to a few of the sites along the highway from Tala to San Marcos, a 50-kilometer stretch from which you can reach many of Jalisco’s most interesting cultural and natural attractions.

A brief list of these sites would include the following: The Fairy Footstools, Ghostly River and Museum of Tala; the Guachimontones Pyramids and Museum; Haciendas La Labor and El Carmen; El Pedernal Obsidian Deposit; Uma Agua Blanca Bird Sanctuary and Pyramid; Piedras Bola giant stone balls; Santa Rosalía Pyramids; Las Cuevas Obsidian Workshop Center (2,000 years in continuous operation); El Amparo Mine ruins; Oconahua Palace of Ocomo; San Marcos train station (concentration camp for Yaqui Indians); San Marcos pottery and Agua Blanca River Park. Many of these sites are described in past issues of this newspaper or at RanchoPint.com.

I calculate it would take a person some 43 hours to visit all of these spots, so our trip last Saturday was only aimed at a few of them. 

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