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Motorcycle clubs in Mexico are not outlaw gangs, but bands of brothers

Could the motorcycle gang violence that rocked Waco, Texas happen here in Mexico? 

My assessment, after 10 years of association in this country’s biker world, is that such an occurrence would be highly unlikely.

The main difference between bikers’ groups in the two countries is that motorcycle clubs in Mexico are just that  – clubs.  

Members share a common interest, hang out with like-minded individuals, and usually join because their buddies or someone else in the family did.  Clubs elect officers, hold meetings, take group rides, and basically support each other in any way they can. 

Some clubs are strict and require a minimum amount of activity, while others may seldom meet. Regardless of their affiliation, bikers treat each other with respect because they feel a common bond.

I have never felt threatened or unsafe at the many events I have attended in Mexico.  To the contrary, I have always been treated as a VIP and welcomed to any “tent” of any club.  Outside of the border areas, where U.S. influence of outlaw clubs has infiltrated, Mexican clubs generally do not have boundaries, turf wars or their own particular saloons. 

Quite often, you will see a group photo of enthusiastic bikers wearing the colors of ten to 15 different clubs. They drink, laugh and enjoy these rallies together as a monstrous fraternity like no other. There is no such thing as being broken down alone on the side of the road. The code is: never leave a brother behind!

The 20th Semana Internacional de la Moto, the largest bike rally in Mexico, hosted more than 100 bike clubs early last month in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. During five days of activity, I did not witness a single outbreak of violence, not even two dudes fighting over a girl – a universal conflict that causes fists to swing.

Over a month ago, a fund-raiser was held for a local club members who needed financial assistance to undergo surgery. Members and non-member bikers rallied and generated enough to meet the debt.

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