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Letter to the Editor - July 18, 2005

Dear Sir,

In the five, going on six years that I’ve lived at Lakeside I can’t remember a more profound and absurd ad such as the one from Barbara’s Bazaar that the Guadalajara Reporter shamefully allowed themselves to publish (I guess money talks).

Heaven forbid the feedback if a store were to advertise that only heterosexuals would receive a 30-percent discount. I also wonder if this ad would actually be published by the Reporter. If being a homosexual is what you need to be that is your choice but try keeping it in your bedroom and not within business policy.

Larry Friesen


Dear Sir,

Regarding the letter from Emmanuel Medeles Medina, the director of the Centro Regional de Estudios Musicales (CREM). The Scotiabank Northern Lights Music Festival could be even more generous with its donations to music-based, non-profit organizations if the money used for most of the plastic and print publicity was funneled directly to the organizations. It would be a real feather in the music festival’s cap to obtain help from Megacable, a company which is already familiar with the work done Lakeside by non-profits because of its donation of 280,000 pesos in in-kind advertising to Feria Maestros del Arte.

Nanette Phillips, San Antonio Tlayacapan


Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for the  column A Midwesterner Moves to Mexico. It is the second thing I look for when I receive the Reporter (the first is the exchange rate). I really enjoy it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who strongly identifies with many of the things Jeanne Sathre writes about. Keep it up, Jeanne! 

Bette Drummond, Santa Tere, Guadalajara