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Letters to the Editor – July 25, 2015

Dear Sir,

In Larry Friesen’s letter in last week’s Letters to the Editor column, he refers to an ad placed by Barbara’s Bazaar as “absurd“ that the Reporter “shamefully allowed themselves to publish.”  “Money talks,” Mr. Friesen explains.

Insults and snide remarks aside, I couldn’t figure out what exactly put Mr. Friesen in such a snit – his letter was short on specifics – but it had something to do with homosexuals. Yes! So of course I had to go look up a copy of the ad, which I hadn’t seen, to get the details.

In a bright, four-color ad, the copy reads that Tom and Ricardo want to celebrate the recent U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to make gay marriage a right in the United States and their own ninth wedding anniversary by offering a 30-percent discount on one purchase during the month of July to gay and lesbian couples.

And that’s what got Mr. Friesen’s knickers in a twist.

“If being a homosexual is what you need to be that is your choice,” Mr. Friesen scolds, “but try keeping it in your bedroom and not within business policy.” So really, gays don’t have a life beyond the bedroom – not even for shopping sprees? I joke.

But I now understand it is Mr. Friesen’s remarks that are absurd. And it is he who is shameless in allowing himself to submit for publication a hateful and ignorant letter. Nevertheless I am glad it got published, for obvious reasons.

Thetis Reeves


Dear Sir,

 Larry Friesen’s anger about Barbara’s Bazaar’s celebration of marriage equality (July 18-24 issue) is eclipsed by the profound ignorance he displays in referring to homosexuality as a “choice.”  Both the American Psychiatric and American Psychological Associations recognized years ago the research that definitively disproves that false view.  To make the point, one might ask Mr. Friesen to say when and how he chose his sexual orientation, whatever it may be.

Maria Salcedo (same issue) displays her ignorance when she says that recent decisions of the Supreme Court of Mexico “’trample’ on the rights of the majority,” which does “’not approve’ of marriage equality.”  The “right” that she claims has been trampled on is the “right” of her and her cohorts to require everyone to think and act as they do, which is not a right in a democracy.  Research, moreover, has shown that children raised by same-sex couples do just as well as those raised by heterosexual ones, so the march sponsored by her group is only to proclaim their views, which is their right, but which no one is obligated to accept.

Kenneth G. Crosby, Ed.D. Fellow of the American Psychological Association, San Antonio Tlayacapan


Dear Sir,

I am writing in response to Larry Friesen’s letter to the editor in the July 18-24th edition.

Mr. Freisen was so appalled at the “profound and absurd ad” that Barbara’s Bazar placed giving a discount to gay couples. Wow! Would Mr. Friesen be so appalled if the discount was given to, say, Lake Chapala Society members, senior citizens or veterans on Veterans Day.

I think not. Mr. Friesen may not even realize that his anger could be stirred by homophobia. Barbara’s was not refusing to sell to straight folks, just offering a discount in honor of the freedom to marry whom you choose.

Dan Marrinson, Manzanillo


Dear Sir,

With reference to the Guadalajara Reporter, July 18-24, 2015 Laguna Chapalac column, this newspaper features a photograph of “Columbian” journalist Javier Dario Restrepo with Mayor Joachim Huerta presenting a plaque to the Reporter’s veteran journalist Dale Hoyt. As honored guest, Javier Dario Restrepo is considered to be Latin America’s leading expert on ethics in journalism and an award winner for journalistic excellence, don’t you think this newspaper could spell the name of his country correctly? It’s Colombia, not Columbia!

Because this error of geographical ignorance is repeated so frequently, Colombians have taken to social media to fight back in an aggressive campaign in shaming big companies, celebrities, presidents and sports stars alike. Please make the honorable gesture to spell the name of this wonderful country correctly! And indeed necessary, a very humble apology to Javier Dario Restrepo. Colombia is a fiercely proud nation!

Carole Stern


Dear Sir,

For those who missed “The Wrecking Crew” documentary shown recently at Lakeside Little Theatre, AXS-TV will be showing the documentary through the rest of July. AXS-TV is on U.S. DishTV’s channel 167.

Rich Birkett