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Letters to the Editor - October 1, 2015

Dear Sir,

I take umbrage at your headline regarding the shooting of Pepe Farinas in Ajijic. Your front page cruelly proclaims he was “... branded as dope dealer and pal of expats.”  

That sort of sensational indictment is driven by a lynch mob mentality that flies in the face of due process and the law, which states that one is innocent until proven guilty.

The fact is no one really knows what Pepe was doing. He could just as well have been an undercover source to target illegal drug activity. For The Reporter to sensationalize the killing and label him as ‘”branded” only serves to hurt his family even more. The term incriminates Pepe, and as such implies that he was worthy of being shot down in cold blood. 

It also puzzles me why your reporter did not take this golden opportunity to point out that the expat drug users who seek out and buy illegal drugs off the street are just as guilty as if they had helped pull the trigger.  After all it was their dollars that went to pay off the shooter to do this horrific job.

Carrol Ann Flood, Ajijic

Dear Sir,

The entire community of Love in Action, including directors, staff, volunteers and our children, would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Chapala Mayor Joaquin Huerta and his team for the support they gave to our organization during their administration.

Specifically, we would like to thank some members of his team who were always willing to help us: Paloma Ventura, Miguel Angel Pulido, Timoteo Aldana Perez and Dr. Roberto Arroyo Olivares.

Dalia Zepeda, 

Director of Administration, Love in Action