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Letters to the Editor – January 2, 2015

Dear Sir,

We all take for granted some major assets in our lives. For us, the  Lake Chapala Society (LCS) is a major asset to our lives that we  should never take for granted.

After checking out a number of places to retire, my husband and I came to Chapala and visited the LCS, where we saw the great library, video library  and the broad array of amenities and services and immediately knew this was where we wanted to spend our retirement. One of the first  things we did when we moved here was to become LCS members.

For us, LCS is the heart and soul of the community we call home.  Whenever I step onto the campus it always feels like a homecoming. I sincerely hope most people who live here, or who are visitors feel  welcome and comfortable spending time at LCS. Whether walking through  the beautiful gardens, making inquiries at the information desk,  seeking health services offered free to all, attending a class, or  special event, everyone should know they are welcome.

Like most expats who have lived in the Lakeside area for a few years, we have lived in more than one house and have seen restaurants, businesses and friends come and go. We accept changes and loss. But  one main feature of our lives at Lakeside that I can’t begin to  imagine living without is the Lake Chapala Society.

When we first arrived we were thinking about all the ways LCS would enrich our lives. We were not yet aware that by being LCS members we   would also be supporting some important services to improve the lives  of our Mexican neighbors. Besides the Children’s Art Program, LCS offers Mexicans student aid for higher education, free English-language classes and the only Spanish-language library in the area at  the LCS Wilkes Center.

I sometimes assume that all my Lakeside expat friends are members of LCS. How could they not be when I see them in activities and events at LCS? But too often when I look for people in the LCS directory,  I’m surprised and disappointed that there is no listing because the individuals or couples are not members.

What a difference it would make if all who appreciate the gardens, services, programs, facilities maintained by a few employees and dozens of volunteers, would value LCS enough to give 500 to 525 pesos  annually, or less than US$3 a month, for a membership.

The website, www.lakechapalasociety.com, lists all the resources, programs, services and special events that you may or may not be aware are happening at LCS. More offerings are planned for the future depending on the financial health of the organization.

This letter is an appeal to everyone who may have taken for granted the existence of one of the greatest assets for everyone living at Lakeside. If you have never joined LCS or have let your membership  lapse, please consider joining. You can easily join online. You’ll be  glad you’re doing your part to ensure LCS will be here for us all in  the future.

Barbara Hildt, LCS board member


Dear Sir,

I saw the advertisement in the Reporter for the Bistro 33 restaurant and, since we were going into Guadalajara today, decided to stop in for lunch. And what a lunch!

We met David, Jesus and Edgar. Although they didn’t have white wine, we enjoyed red, then fabulous minestrone soup and salad. The minestrone was the best I have ever had. The salad was good too. I had the pollo Marsala, my friends had lasagna and fettuccine with chicken. It was absolutely “melt in your mouth”. And huge portions! 

The service was very attentive, although we were the only ones there. The bill was modest for what we ate. We left a big tip. We took half home and had it for dinner. As we were leaving, Edgar came out with free dessert for all three of us.

We will definitely go back. It is in a very convenient location, close to the new Costco and Home Depot in Zapopan.

Margo McCutcheon, Ajijic