Last updateThu, 17 Jul 2014 8pm

Mexican military flaunts its might

An impressive military parade, including a fly-past by planes from the Colegio del Aire, lit up Guadalajara this weekend as the city marked the 100th anniversary of the Toma de Guadalajara, a key event of the Mexican Revolution.

Almost 1,800 elements from the Mexican Army, Air Force and Navy took part in a parade showcasing regional military might that  featured a battery of weaponry, 90 horses, 84 vehicles, ten dogs, eight planes, three helicopters and two boats.  More than 10,000 spectators lined the route in the city center to witness the commemoration recalling the day in July 1914 when forces led by General Alvaro Obregon marched triumphantly into Guadalajara following their rout of the federal forces of dictator Victoriano Huerta in the Battle of Orendain.