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Chapala sets sights on wooing love birds

Chapala is widely identified as a place of romantic enchantment, principally thanks to famed Mexican composer Pepe Guizar. Images of enamored souls embracing on the lake’s moonlit shore come to mind in listening to his catchy ditty about the place he labels “rinconcito de amor” – a little corner of love.


Mayor Javier Degollado is convinced his administration can tap into the Guizar mystique to open a lucrative niche in the local tourism industry. He says pitching Chapala as an idyllic setting for luxury weddings will be at the forefront when the local government sets up for business at next week’s bustling Tianguis Turístico in Guadalajara.

The huge tourism fair is expected to attract thousands of visitors, including tour operators, travel agents, media and entrepreneurs from around the globe. Chapala’s marketing plan will put a special spotlight on local amenities that appeal to wedding planners in search of enticing destinations for their clientele. The area offers excellent year-round weather, gorgeous landscapes, historic churches, ample lodging options and a variety of well-pointed party venues that fit the bill for up-scale nuptial celebrations.

Curiously, the mayor and key staffers apparently were not aware of the huge wedding event held last weekend on a private estate in lower La Floresta. A fleet of huge trucks carrying light and sound equipment and additional party gear were parked at the intersection of Paseo de las Brisas and Las Olas all day Friday. 

Neighbors in the normally quiet subdivision and residents living as far off as Chula Vista and central Ajijic reported losing sleep as fireworks and high decibel music filled the air throughout Saturday night and well past dawn the following morning.

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