Last updateFri, 27 May 2016 1pm

Trump had dangerously brought the the Republican Party to the very edge, dismayed members to a dark, deep cusp

”Donald J. Trump, Bucking Calls to Unite, Claims ‘Mandate’ to Be Provocative,” read this morning’s unsurprising, wearying, headline.  

Trump was born wealthy and made wealthier by outsourcing jobs to and making investments in several other countries. Think China and Mexico. Countries whose cultures he’s belittled. 

He kicked off his try at the presidency in a grim way: “America is dead … It‘s being run by losers,” he announced.  

Now, we’ve just found out that includes Trump himself. Though he doesn’t realize that’s what he’s declaring. He so rich. But abruptly it now turns out that he is going to be borrowing government money to keep his campaign going. And he can’t reveal his tax return. (“We’re working on it,” he said. And Hillary Clinton is mocking him about it.)

The Clintons have released annual tax returns since 1977, and posted eight years of returns on her campaign website.  

Thus, she encouraged voters to ask, why doesn’t Trump want to release his tax returns. He’s promised he was “about to” several times. And has declared he probably “won’t be able to” until after the November election.  

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