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Essential Republican donors still resisting Donald Trump candidacy Reason: Mostly, their loathing of him

Our weirdly unsatisfactory and nationally debilitating political situation has suddenly been coughing up something more than anticipated childish and obvious lies.

The suddenly sensible re-assessment of desperate Republican political self-destruction has taken form: Shreds of what many view as possible opposition to the evil clown called Trump.

Early this month two former aides of the John McCain said they were breaking away from Donald Trumpdom to join large clusters supporting Hillary Clinton — despite her current woes.  

Most surprising — and more harsh — have been the desertion of Republican heavy-hitting donors.

New York-based investor, Stanley Drudkenmiller, has given approximately US$1.9 million to Republicans since the 2012 campaign. He is one of many who distrust Donald Trump. His logic: “Not sure why anyone would give money to Trump since he asserts he is worth $US10 billion.”  Many people with this opinion find Trump’s self-contradicting mind-tangle so childish they laugh at it. This includes conservative men and women of impressive means, i.e. former contributors.

A hefty number of well-known contributors to Republican causes are now saying, as one extremely wealthy woman did: “We have other options in which to invest and which to spend our time helping. This is political nonsense ... It’s embarrassing to the Republican Party, to all of us.”  

Others believe Trump is clearly unfit to serve in the Oval Office. Michael K. Vlock, a Connecticut investor who has given nearly $US5 million to Republicans at the federal level since 2014, said he considered Trump a dangerous person. “He’s an ignorant, amoral, dishonest and manipulative, misogynistic, philandering, hyper-litigious, isolationist, blowhard.” Vlock said he might give to Hillary Clinton instead, describing her as “the devil we know.  I really believe our republic can survive Hillary,” he said.

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