Last updateTue, 15 Jul 2014 3pm

Windows XP plug pull deadline nears

The end-of-life date for the venerable Microsoft Windows XP grows nearer by the hour, and as April 8 approaches a lot of the people still using XP are finally, belatedly starting to explore their options.

One client of mine asked me if I could get Microsoft to extend the deadline for her in order to have more time to replace her aging computer.  Well, I was truly flattered that anyone would think I had that kind of pull with the world’s largest computer Operating System maker, but rest assured that Microsoft is sticking to their plans and they are not likely to listen to me.

Rumors have been flying back and forth on a number of tech-related newsgroups, stories to the effect that several nation states have been pressuring Microsoft to once again push back the end-of-life date for Windows XP.  Names of countries mentioned include Brazil, India, China and others.

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