Last updateFri, 29 Apr 2016 3pm

No Good Deed

Unfortunately not everything is pure peach ice cream – from time to time we come upon a situation that isn’t as it appears. 

Back in March I heard about a Mexican man who had served in the military in the United States and then later had been deported. The story seemed perfect for one of the chapters of the book on immigration I’m working on. During his interview he told me his story and showed me his papers. He was convincing, and frankly if the story he told wasn’t his, it was someone’s – my further research confirms much of what he related regarding his deportation. 

Basking in the Spotlight

It seems like every email I’ve received and every phone call I’ve answered this week has led with the same question: “Have you seen that PBS video?” 

Celebrating our patriotic days

Part of the expat experience is a compilation of surreal experiences. Everyone I know at Lake Chapala has a laundry list of strange sights, unfathomable events and untranslatable conversations.

Do’s & don’ts on submitting copy

I’m thinking maybe folks have forgotten how, when and where to submit information about Lakeside activities. You might guess, since I’m addressing this topic this week that there have been a few, shall we say, surprises, recently?

Father’s Day

Sunday, June 21 is Father’s Day when dad is king of the household for the day.

The patron saint’s fiesta

During the patron saint’s fiesta in lakeside villages, a visiting bishop presides over the confirmation ceremony of the children. Other children receive their first communion during the nine-day celebration. Many of the girls proudly wear their new white finery in the fiesta’s final procession. 

San Antonio fiesta to kick off in muted style

Activities surrounding the annual (June 5-13) fiesta honoring the patron saint of San Antonio Tlayacapan center around the village’s church and plaza. That will be especially true this year as the traditional terrazas (sidewalk cafes and cantinas) won’t be allowed to open until after Sunday’s election.