Last updateFri, 29 Apr 2016 3pm

Getting the better of flies, fleas, mosquitoes

A few years in residence at Lake Chapala can turn even the heartiest “Survivor” jungle adventurer into a low tolerance wimp. Just a few years of life in the moderate temperatures of lakeside makes most residents unable to bear cold that dips to nearly 60 or heat waves of 80F. 

The living is easy

“Summertime, and the living is easy.” 

Thank you Jerome Kern, that great song expresses the feelings of most full-time Lakeside residents who are sighing with relief this weekend. And why wouldn’t they be expressing joy and gratitude with giant sighs?

Memorial Day’s vivid memories

“Memorial Day is early this year,” a friend said the other day. That simple statement launched a dynamic conversation and evoked a flood of memories. 

WWII memories documented

In the midst of celebrating Mexico’s five holidays in the first ten days of May, we failed to mention a noteworthy international date – the 70th anniversary of World War II’s Victory in Europe (VE) Day. 

In praise of our community

I was thinking again this week how incredibly lucky we are to live here. Oh, I know, it’s been a little hot in the afternoons and we sure could use some rain and there was that trouble last week in Guadalajara. But, think about it. Have you ever known of a place anywhere where the residents do so much for the community? 

Mexico’s Merry Month of May

Part of the joy of living in Mexico is having the opportunity to learn new customs, traditions and holidays. The Merry Month of May gives us plenty of opportunities to learn – after all there are seven holidays this month, and most of those are in the first ten days!