Last updateFri, 29 Apr 2016 3pm

Say no to winter pets

It’s only early November and already several waves of lakeside’s winter residents have returned. Each lakeside group benefits from the fall and winter boost in membership, the additional attendance at fundraising events and the fresh ideas the winter folks add to the year-round folks’ planning and conversations. 

10 Tips for Living Successfully in Mexico

A while back, I answered an email filled with questions by creating a list of tips for living successfully within the prevailing Mexican culture and rules. When I found a copy this week I realized how many of these tips are still pertinent and vital for success. 

Don’t be afraid of the dark

I’ve heard there are people who periodically put all of their electronic devices into a locked drawer for a week or two – just to take a break. Frankly that never made much sense to me. Why not use the items you have? Then there are the folks who swear that they never watch television except each September’s Iditarod, Alaska’s annual long-distance dog sled race.

For whom the bells toll

Soon after the cacophony of novel village sounds becomes part of newcomers’ routine, they note the ever-present church bells and series of different rhythms and patterns they chime throughout the day. 

Virgin of the Rosary

The official feast day of the Virgin of the Rosary, according to church calendars, is October 7.

People with personality

Every so often some of us end up swapping stories about Lake Chapala when the unusual and interesting folks here were really characters and not just caricatures.

Grito do-overs

Independence Day is over. The last couple of mornings have been lackluster, a little like the 5th and 6th of July or the days that follow Canada Day.