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Professional restorer to offer courses in fresco murals

Trained in a technique that goes back to ancient Greece and Rome and used by Mexican muralists such as Diego Rivera in the early 20th century,

Maythé Loza has been selected to give classes in fresco mural painting technique at the Centro Cultural El Refugio in Tlaquepaque.

“Classes in fresco murals are rarely given in a public setting,” said El Refugio Cultural Director Carlos Sanchez. “Usually you need to find a private teacher. And this teacher is very well prepared.

“The students will learn by doing. Probably some of them will already dominate other techniques, such as oil painting,” he continued. “And this class will give them the opportunity to develop their expressive force.”

Loza emphasized that she is not an artist herself, although she has studied fresco technique extensively and graduated from the four-year course at the Escuela de Restauración del Occidente in the historic neighborhood of Analco in central Guadalajara.

“The class will include history and techniques,” she said in excellent English, noting that if there is sufficient interest, she could organize a class for English speakers.

“This will be a very personalized class, but we need a big group, because it is a lot of effort and hard work. Three students have signed up. There will be 12 students maximum.”

“The class is going to see the fundamentals,” noted Sanchez, “and will include traditional techniques like projection, which was used by Leonardo da Vinci.

“The plan is to use a public space on the street and for each student to present their own project,” he added.

Loza and Sanchez say they would like to start soon, maybe this Saturday, May 14, but need more than the three students signed up. 

“Students should be at least 15 years old, but other than that, there is no age restriction,” Loza said. “The class lasts eight weeks, for three hours a week. It costs $US100.”

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