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Balneario El Rincon: Crystal-clear pools, birds, butterflies, otters & a great place to camp

El Rincon translates as “the Nook.” It’s a natural spring located 420 meters southwest of the Guachimontones archaeological site and the source of the Teuchitlan River. In 1895, British archaeologist Adela Breton visited burial sites near here and made references to “ceremonial circles.” It is also here, in 1962, where the discovery of obsidian knives in the water eventually led researchers Phil and Acelia Weigand to the circular pyramids and evidence of the ancient West Mexican civilization of Teuchitlan.

Is Guadalajara’s most infamous waterfall now clean?

For years, a noxious mixture of human waste, toxic chemicals and heavy metals flowed into the Río Santiago from the heavily polluted 66-kilometer-long Ahogado River located southeast of Guadalajara. The true nature of these aguas negras was visible for the world to see at El Salto de Juanacatlán, where the cascading water churned up billows of toxic foam said to be so corrosive it could remove paint from cars. 

Carbono-14: Outdoor adventure with the pros

If you’re interested in learning about any sort of outdoor activity from technical rock-climbing to bird watching, the place to go for training is Escuela para Actividades al Aire Libre Carbono-14, which offers 26 courses in outdoor skills, all of them certified by the Mexican Labor Secretariat.