Last updateFri, 13 May 2016 3pm

An easy walk to Balanced Rock: The high point of gorgeous Sierra de Tapalpa

“I’m organizing a hike to La Piedra Balanceada de Juanacatlán,” announced Mario Guerrero. “It is so short and easy that even my wife is going to go.”

I passed this news around to lots of friends, most of whom decided to pass, commenting that too many of Mario’s “short-n-easy” hikes had proved just a wee bit too long-n-hard for their taste.

I, of course, took the bait, along with a few friends I could describe as “hardy hikers.”

Huehuenton Peak: Hiking to the highest point in Sierra de Quila Nature Reserve

El Bosque de Quila is a federal protected area located 75 kilometers southwest of Guadalajara and covering 15,000 square kilometers. Quila abounds in ordinary pines, Lumholtz’s pines, oaks, and madroños (strawberry trees), which are sometimes packed together so densely that nothing grows beneath the tree cover. This forest has numerous rivers, 11 delightful waterfalls and is also famous for its massive monoliths over 100 meters tall.