Last updateFri, 27 May 2016 1pm

Cruz Roja party circuit builds steam

”This is a great way for people to get together for socializing and for giving,” declared Zhanna Sosensky, standing up to encourage 45 guests gathered for a delightful gourmet dinner held May 13 at the La Floresta home of David Ozmand and Gaetane Montreuil.  Sosenky was pioneer hostess and cook for the first in the series of intimate soirees being organized at privatehomes to raise funds for Cruz Roja Chapala.

This time Montreuil recruited Roberto’s Restaurant head chef Polo Gutierrez to turn out a fabulous menu of gazpacho, Cesar salad, Coquilles St. Jacques, vanilla-raspberry torte and cheese course.

Led by the example of Board President Yolanda Martinez, a crew of Red Cross officers and staff roll up their sleeves at each of the Food Giver happenings to pitch in as kitchen helpers.

Next up is a cocktail party set for June 6. Call Jan Lusty, 766-1527, for ticket info.

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