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Young US pastor gets call from God to take Christian message to Muslims

Ray De Lange is headed to an intriguing and uncertain future. After nearly seven years ministering to English speakers in a church — English Fellowship of Guadalajara — that is supported by about 15 U.S. congregations, mostly Christian Reformed, De Lange and his wife Angie plan to focus on bringing the Christian message to Muslims in central Asia.

A whistle-stop tour of witchcraft in Guadalajara

The village of San Martin de las Flores huddles behind a series of clambering hills. Although linked to Guadalajara by a twisting, rocky road, the geographical remoteness of the community gives it a distinct cultural identity.

Batman returns!

No, this is not about a movie sequel but a near miraculous tale and heartwarming rival to “Lassie Come Home.”

Batman is my black cat, rescued as an adolescent on a rainy night, his meows fit to make Genghis Khan weep. He followed me to my Guadalajara home, people-loving and intelligent cat that he is, perhaps thinking my black chihuahua resembled his mother.

Young singing actress set to spread her wings

In February, a group of mostly Guadalajara’s American School students and parents taking in the musical comedy “Honk!” sat up a little straighter whenever 18-year-old Maria Contreras, in her role as the Ugly Duckling’s mother, took the stage.

Getting Hooked on Prohibition

In 2011, British journalist Johann Hari was at the top of the journalistic pile. Sharp, brave and energetic, he was the Independent’s best-known columnist and named by The Daily Telegraph as one of the most influential left-wingers in Britain. Yet a series of plagiarism allegations turned his life upside down. He returned his prestigious 2008 George Orwell Prize and stepped away from the Independent.