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Letters To The Editor - February 6, 2016

Dear Sir,

Re the letter from Martha Marsh in your previous edition. 

I did not blame Ms. Perales for the Carnival noise. I did try to e-mail her at the address in the article about the noise meeting. No luck reaching her. I don’t see her contact info on the Chapala government website, which is still not functioning as is required by law. 

I have been married to a Mexican since 1996, and a Mexican citizen since 2005. I walk the streets and highway picking up trash, removing publicity from posts (since it is illegal to put it there), erasing graffiti, etcetera, since I now have time to do so after working here in various real estate offices for 15 years. Not everyone can afford to go to the beach or wants to go to the beach when they live – most of the time – in paradise!! 

Where in Chapala do you live? Near Christiana Park?? I specifically mentioned my Mexican friend complaining so maybe readers would realize that “Norteamericanos” are not the only ones who do not appreciate Carnival and other noisy events. Guess you didn’t pick up on that. 

Here are some stats for you. On October 31 there were 18.5 hours of fireworks in Ajijic. On December 10 there were 150 cohetes at 6 a.m. On December 12 there were non-stop cohetes from 4 to 6 a.m. The stress caused to your body should be enough to make you take a second look at the issue. Ever hear of the “fight or flight” response? That’s what is happening to our bodies, and those of our furry and feathered friends, with every explosion, which get louder every year. 

Nanette Phillips, 

San Antonio Tlayacapan