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Letters to the Editor – February 27, 2016

Dear Sir,

I have been frequenting two-acre MetroCan dog park in the city’s Parque Metropolitano  with my fur-baby ever since it opened in August 2014. Since then, there have been extra benches and shade stands installed. The pond is wonderful for the dogs to play in during the rainy season, but turns into a mosquito nursery as it dries up during the summer.

There does not seem to be any provisions to keep water flowing through to keep it clean. This I could turn a blind eye to if there were only a permanent safety fence around the perimeter to keep the dogs from slipping through and running out into traffic. The park is only a few hundred feet from the glorieta off of Independencia and Sebastian Bach. There is a pretty, bright yellow, plastic, rail-type border marking (couldn’t really call it a fence) that a child of two could escape from.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a great start to eventually creating a fabulous dog park. There is a nice obstacle course, an attendant at the gate handing out poop disposal bags, plenty of trash cans, and on the weekends, there are extra attendants to make sure the dogs behave themselves. 

Here’s an idea: how about putting in a REAL fence. Possibly even one to separate large dogs from small dogs. And, since there is already a gate attendant, why not charge a small admittance fee to help pay for keeping the pond clean. I would be more than willing to pay knowing my dog was safe while playing with others. 

Teri Saya