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A suggestion for Lake Chapala

Dear Sir,

It seems that nobody loves a lake where the water level keeps going down. Where the mud turns green as grass grows where the water once was and the number of visitors to our lake side declines the farther the water recedes from our handsome Malecons.

I can’t make it rain nor can I control the water level but I do have a suggestion that will bring the water back to lapping along side our malecons. And the idea is very simple. Just dredge and then cart away the exposed mud alongside our malecons and the lake water will return to fill the space created.

The quantity of mud to be removed will need to be determined as will the disposal of the mud itself. Perhaps it could be used as soil and placed on fields to improve the quality of the land for growing crops.

My suggestion is not a cure for our lake and it is clearly cosmetic but it will look better and that would not be all bad.

David Moss



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