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May Jeanne and her column live forever

Gotta tell you that I love Jeanne’s honest commentary. Last weeks’ foreigner insulting a Mexican barber  in front of the barber, who spoke English, but did not respond was a classic tale of the incredible politeness that Mexicans always display in spite of how foreigners talk to them.  But they do remember the insults.  After page one, her column and intitial commentary is the second thing that I look forward to, and she never lets me down.

Eight years ago I  used to think that she was an angry old broad and should go back where she belongs. Eight years later, I have learned that  she is where she belongs, in Mexico, specifically Lakeside and telling it like it is to some of the incredibly insensitive snowbirds that visit us and think they own the place.
May she and her column live forever, as she is a constant reminder to us foreigners of how not to act in Mexico.
Terry A. McKinnon,
Villa Nova, Ajijic

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