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30-meter tower

Dear Sir,

It has been brought to my attention that Moviestar plan to erect a 30-meter (100-foot) tower at Rio Nazas 15.  This is near the Carretera in Rancho del Oro next to Villa Nova.   This is a residential area that includes a school.   I fear for the safety of all surrounding homes.

1.  A 30-meter tower would hit many homes if it were to fall, due to a storm, earthquake or mud slide.

2. A tower of this size and location would attract lightning to the area.  We already have experienced lightning strikes due to the elevation.

3. New developments are ready to be built in the area, and an unsightly tower will ruin the view and hurt the tax base of Ajijic.

4. Radio waves so close to a highly populated area may have health risks for those living in the area.  Studies are ongoing around the world evaluating the health concerns.

5.  Rancho del Oro and Villa Nova will be damaged financially if this tower is built and the lovely views of the mountains include an unsightly tower.

Sonia Breeze, Rancho del Oro

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