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Instead of building walls

Dear Sir,

Having lived in Mexico for six and a half years I find that, unfortunately, there are still many non-Mexican people who still consider the Mexican stereotype as a lazy person who sits under a tree and does nothing all day.  

I find this to be totally contrary to the truth.  From my experience I find the Mexican people, generally, both male and female, to be hard-working, dedicated and honest.  They want to be employed and earn a respectable living for themselves and their families.

I read in BBC World (6/25/13 edition) that the U.S. government has approved a 38 billion-dollar increase in border security.  (Sorry, I don’t know how many zeroes that number has.)  Whoever knows what the total bill will be.  

I just wonder if this expenditure was used to finance factories, schools and infrastructure in the border cities of Mexico, how much the flow of illegal immigration into the United States could be reduced.  I feel most Mexicans would prefer to stay in this country and live with their loved-ones, keeping family units together as opposed to splintering them.  Plus, goods could be produced here with the “Hecho en Mexico” label as opposed to “Hecho en China.”  How wonderful that would be.

I cannot help but wonder at the mentality of politicians who make decisions to create barriers as opposed to using that money to increase productivity and education in the targeted country.  

Could not some of this money also be used to finance better schools and education in the United States, which I understand is badly needed?

Perhaps we need Ronald Reagan back to preach “Tear Down The Wall,” but this time not to the Communists, but to the United States.

But then, I do not understand all these things.  That’s probably why I would never make a good politician.

John W. Standen, Chula Vista

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