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Letters to the Editor - November 30, 2013

Dear Sir,

Is Alice Hudson’s letter to the editor last week for real?

She mentions the writer’s “extreme distaste” because large numbers of young children were at risk due to the traffic situation and the older boys were menacing.

 Surely a normal reaction?  Greedy behavior damage and theft have nothing to do with our typical American Halloween. Where we live, we dress the kids up and walk around our own neighborhoods with them trick or treating and its fun and safe for everyone.

Where is the connection between Emma Berg-Apton’s comments about the dangers she saw and Micki Wendt’s about teaching children to beg and Hudson’s tale of a Mexican family choosing to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Ms. Hudson seems to have a hobby horse and her patronizing reference to “sweet, helpless little brown people” is totally offensive and unacceptable in the 21st century.

Ms. Hudson so completely misses the points raised that I doubt she even read the article that Ms. Wendt replied to, before she wrote her unrelated and sarcastic letter. May be she should.

W.G. Henry, Chapala

Dear Sir,

We would like to thank Dale Hoyt Palfrey and the Guadalajara Reporter for the very informative article published recently concerning the Culinary Arts Society of Ajijic (CASA). 

She was very generous with her time by attending our CASAFEST membership drive, taking photos and writing the article. 

Dale also spoke  at CASA last month about the “Day of the Dead.”   Her knowledge of this subject is amazing.  She held the attention of the entire audience during her talk.

Once again thanks from the entire board of directors and all of our members.

Annie Green, president, Culinary Arts Society of Ajijic


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