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US voter registration update

United States citizens who plan to be living or visiting Mexico in November must act early in order to ensure they are registered to vote, and aligned to vote via absentee ballot for the 2014 election.

All citizens who are abroad at the time of a federal election are guaranteed the right to vote according to the 1973 UOCAVA Act but voters must be registered according to the guidelines of their home state. Residents of eight states must reregister each year in order to be eligible to vote.

Voters can check their voting status at and they can register via several websites including:, and by filling out the Federal Postal Card Application online. Depending on the state or local election office, the application can then be printed, signed, scanned and attached to a return email, sent via FAX or returned by regular mail. This form is both a method of re-registration and a request for an absentee ballot. The local office is required to send the absentee ballot at least 45 days before the election. Because the ballots are frequently sent via email, voters should be certain to include a valid email address in the application.

In May, the Lake Chapala Chapter of Democrats Abroad will begin presenting non-partisan informational sessions to assist local U.S. residents prepare to vote in the upcoming election. Additional information for voters and the dates and times of these meetings will be announced soon.

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