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A nugget of Greek cuisine in downtown Guadalajara

Emblazoned with an oversize blue and white flag and a welcome sign in Greek letters, the new restaurant Delfos, although tiny (four tables), is not hard to spot. It peeks out from a plain facade on Pino Suarez midway between Guadalajara’s downtown cathedral and Mercado Alcalde to the north.

“We opened a month ago,” says owner Panayotis Bolosis in good Spanish. Bolosis, a young man born in a town in northern Greece, came to Mexico with his Mexican mother eight years ago, so he has had time to learn Spanish (and get married and have two daughters).

Bolosis’ mother, Maria Guadalupe Contreras, does a lot of the cooking. From the small kitchen at Delfos, and probably from her home kitchen half a block away, she produces a full spectrum of Greek dinners, such as musaka, suflaki, gyros, tiropita, spanakopita and lahanika sxaras, most accompanied by rice pilaf or oven-browned potatoes and a beautiful salad, along with typical side dishes and desserts such as baklaba and a nut-and-cinnamon cake, karidopita. (Some spellings were unlike those in U.S. Greek restaurants, but considering the names are normally written in the Greek writing system and are being transliterated into Spanish, this is to be expected.)

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