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MARCH 16: Color Ajijic

Speaking of lakeside’s spring color, Ajijic entrepreneur and cross-cultural event innovator Diane Pearl is reminding us that coloring of another type is not just for tiny tots anymore.

Color Ajijic, the third of Pearl’s community projects to bring expats and Mexicans, adults and children together and having fun while being creative, is all about crayons and coloring sheets.

All comers to Ajijic’s plaza from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 16, will select from among 40 different free coloring pages and then be invited to join in applying hues and shades, both inside and outside of the lines. Pearl and her team of helpers will sell packets of additional coloring pages for adults or for kids, with proceeds underwriting the costs of Color Ajijic and rolled over into new events to host more creative events. Pearl’s earlier outings saw the plaza awash with teams carving pumpkins, and children decorating holiday cookies.

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