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Governor delivers new police trucks to Chapala and Jocotepec

Governor Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz paid a quick visit to Ajijic Wednesday, March 12 to preside at the official delivery of new patrol vehicles to enhance operations of the Chapala and Jocotepec police forces.

Each police department was provided with two new heavy-duty Dodge Ram 2500 king-cab pickups, nearly identical to the models driven by Jalisco’s state police, as assigned under a permanent loan arrangement,

Protected by a tight security net that enveloped the town, Sandoval and State Attorney General Luis Carlos Najera arrived at the Lake Chapala Society (LCS) campus shortly before 3 p.m., escorted by Chapala Mayor Joaquin Huerta Barrios. Jocotepec Mayor Juan Francisco O’Shea Cuevas, U.S. Consul General Susan Abeyta, Canadian Consul Francis Uy and Jalisco Public Security Commissioner Francisco Alejandro Solorio Aréchiga were among other guest dignitaries invited to witness the event. Sandra Loridans and LCS Executive Director Terry Vidal were also given spots at the head table as representatives of lakeside’s expatriate community.

Abeyta, Uy and the two mayors took turns at the microphone to express gratitude to the state’s chief executive and confidence in his government.

Addressing the crowd of municipal officials and foreigners seated in the audience, the governor vowed that this administration will invest in crime prevention, not only with the provision of patrol vehicles, but also better tools and training for police officers, effective logistical tactics and  permanent follow-up to assess results and progress. 

He pledged to maintain a constant link between the attorney general’s top officials and foreign and native residents to hear out their commentaries, suggested approaches and proposals.

He announced that a bilingual official will be assigned to the local Ministerio Público district attorney’s office in the near future. In addition, he mentioned that plans are underway to establish a call center that will be able to provide answers to questions and orientation in regard to immigration matters and other state and federal government procedures.

 “To the extent that we join efforts, we will see solid results, giving you greater tranquility, more certainty in order to continue living in peace, to attract more foreigners and to assure better development and greater security for the people living here,” Sandoval stated in his closing remarks.

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