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Importing to Mexico doesn’t always need to be a headache

Mexico’s economy relies on a positive trade balance to maintain growth and social peace.  Limiting importations remains at the heart of its global policy and dodging the World Trade Organization rules has become an art form.

Protectionist measures range from the obligation to go through a registered import company and a customs broker to making sure that the product is not limited by “quotas” or verifying that your item doesn’t need certain certificates to meet certain requirements, such as sanitary, FTA country of origin, label approval, etcetera.  Even if your paperwork is correct you may also discover some obscure specific fiscal or para-fiscal taxes apply to your item, or that its importation is prohibited or only permitted by a few select importers on an undisclosed list.  It may also need to be submitted to a previous authorization of importation by the “Competent Authority.”

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