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Mexican film on verge of new Golden Age?

With the high profile enjoyed by Mexico in the recent Oscar competition (Alfonso Cuarón took best director for “Gravity”) and the international success of the Spanish-language blockbuster comedies, “Nosotros los Nobles” (We, the Noble Ones) and  “Instructions not Included,” many are seeing a rosy future for filmmaking in Mexico.

Nowhere is this point of view more apparent than among people connected with the just-concluded Festival Internacional de Cine Guadalajara. FICG staffers, some of whom labor year-round in the halls of the University of Guadalajara, are sanguine about this year’s event, calling it unusually successful and pointing to what the 2014 lineup portends for the future of Mexican film.

“Right now Mexican movies are on their way,” said FICG Director of Programming Gerardo Salcedo. “We are finally getting a good reception in the world, in places like Cannes and Venice. And there have been some huge successes at the box office.”

Salcedo didn’t know if Mexico will be offering stiff competition to Hollywood anytime soon. “They produced more than 300 and Mexico just about 120 this year,” he said. 

But he sees Mexican films as unique and high quality. And, unlike Hollywood, where movies follow trends, “Each Mexican film is quite different from the others. That’s amazing.”

“We’ve had five good years in Mexican film production,” he added.

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