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Car importation process back on track

One lakeside business seems to have found a way to bypass the problems that have plagued other firms and individuals that have tried to help expats nationalize their foreign-plated vehicles.   

“We now have five cars circulating with Jalisco plates,” said Karen Herrtwich of S&S Auto. “The process has gone smoothly.”

Herrtwich says she has eight more pedimentos (importation permits) in the pipeline and is making validation and verification appointments for the cars and their owners.

After an unscrupulous broker in Guadalajara deceived some lakeside businesses, S&S Auto took it upon themselves to find a trustworthy intermediary to help the many foreigners who have been forced to change their immigration status to “permanent” – a category that excludes them from driving foreign-plated vehicles.

“I have absolute confidence in our broker,” Herrtwich said.

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