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100 days that hardly shook Jalisco at all

Political analysts have kept themselves busy assessing the achievements (or non-achievements) of Jalisco Governor Aristoteles Sandoval, as the 42-year-old who ended 18 years of conservative rule by the National Action Party (PAN) hit the 100-day mark of his administration June 1.

Most observers have been cautious not to heap undue praise or criticism on the novice governor, although his Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) administration has certainly moved to reach out to its core base – the less advantaged sectors of society that felt increasingly marginalized under the pro-business PAN government of Emilio Gonzalez.

That said, some critics say many of the programs, projects and priorities announced by Sandoval during the past three months have simply been regurgitated from the PAN years, for which he should take no credit.

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