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Under fire city councilor digs in

A Guadalajara city councilor – once tipped to become the first female governor of Jalisco – is  facing criminal charges for breaking into her own office this week.

Elisa Ayon Hernandez took a leave of absence from her post after videos showing her acting in a vulgar, dictatorial and potentially corrupt manner surfaced on YouTube last November.

On the video, which was circulated widely on social media, Ayon is seen insulting city employees working in the department responsible for the city’s cemeteries and demanding their resignation.  Her crude language and overbearing demeanor led to an outpouring of criticism and accusations that the old-style tyrannical methods often employed by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) were still very much alive.  More pertinently, said her critics, was that she had acted way above her responsibilities.   Many of the flowery and crude phrases she used in the video are open to interpretation, but one in particular, “agarren pero repartan” (loosely translated as “grab what you can but share it around”), is proof to some that she was overseeing a palm-greasing operation in the city’s cemeteries.

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