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Man shot dead at Chapalita glorieta

Four men are in custody after a 37-year-old businessman was shot to death at the Glorieta Chapalita last Friday.

The attack occurred moments after Ivan Martinez Macias had left his business, the bar “Mala Noche ... No,”  on the first floor of the small plaza bordering the glorieta.  According to family members, he had just been told that he was to be a father for the second time.

Martinez barely had time to start his car and set off around the traffic circle when a Liberty jeep drew up alongside.  The occupants fired 15 shots at Martinez, who died instantly, investigators said.  A woman who accompanied Martinez was shot in the leg but reported as stable in hospital.

The State Attorney General’s Office said four men, aged from 16 to 24, who were detained during the weekend in a vehicle containing an arsenal of guns and drugs are connected to the slaying. Among the weapons found in the Hilux pick was an Uzi machine gun, Attorney General Carlos Nájera revealed. He said the four men are related to a series of recent kidnappings and murders in the metropolitan area, including the slaying of a military official on Avenida Naciones Unidos in July 2013.

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