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Racing bus drivers cause record fatalities

A new record has been set after five pedestrians died under the wheels of city buses during the first ten days of 2014. In most of the cases, the drivers fled the scene of the accidents.

In a bid to address the problem, authorities are working with unions to pay drivers a guaranteed, fixed wage. Currently they earn a commission based on the number of passengers they transport on each journey.  This can lead them to “racing” other drivers on the same route as they battle to pick up more passengers.

Meanwhile, Transportation Department inspectors have started revising buses and impounding  those being driven in an unfit condition.  More than 70 buses have been carted off to the pound during the first two weeks of 2014 for a variety of anomalies.   Traffic cops have also been asked to keep a closer eye on drivers’ habits. 

The University of Guadalajara (UdG) students union, the Federacion de Estudiantes Universitarios (FEU), have vowed to carry out an intensive, ongoing appraisal of the metro area’s bus service in the wake of the unpopular one-peso fare increase introduced at the end of last year.

According to FEU President Alberto Galarza, “brigades” of students will be checking – and taking photographs and videos – the condition and cleanliness of buses, whether drivers are speeding and observing traffic protocols.  They will also keep note on the regularity of service on different routes and whether drivers are making the correct stops.

Galarza says the documentation will be delivered to state Transportation Department chiefs and demand that concessions are withdrawn for buses seen to be violating regulations.

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