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Pitaya season in full flow

The pitaya season is now in full swing. The cactus-type fruit enjoys a six-week harvest in Techaluta, Jalisco and surrounding municipalities. Truckloads are delivered daily to Guadalajara, and sold in local markets, on the streets and especially in the downtown Nueve Esquinas neighborhood.

Do not be put off by the brain-like innards. Pitayas are a tasty and refreshing treat during the hot Tapatio summer. They come in white, pink, and orange colors, but the deep red “mamey” is recognized as the sweetest of the bunch. Prices depend on the size of the pitaya, and run about three to seven pesos each.

Many of the vendors in the Nueve Esquinas make the 90-minute trip from Techaluta every morning. They work year-round caring for their fields, and can trace their family’s pitaya roots back several generations.

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