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Signs of the season

We’re told by the Red Cross that certain pests get more active during the rainy season.  We’re talking chiefly about scorpions, spiders, flying insects and snakes (never seen one here).

At our house, however,  the sure sign that the season has started is when a string of stray cats show up.

I know they see the little secret “x” placed at kitty-eye level on our gatepost by other cats who figured out that we are suckers for stray animals. The pity is, most of the cats that show up looking for food and shelter are pets that have been dumped by their owners who “can’t take them back north.”

These poor animals don’t have the skills necessary for survival in the wild and anyone who dumps them is a first-rate jerk.

In the meantime, we’ll do our best for the ones who land here. If you can let a cat stand in the pouring rain, scared and hungry, you’re tougher than I am.